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    Humanities Specialism

( English, Drama & Citizenship )

Why Humanities? 

By concentrating on our Diversity, Language & Literacy across the Curriculum, Creativity and our Humanity we will be preparing our pupils to become effective citizens and to find their own voice.  They need to believe that they can make a difference to their lives and to their communities.

By linking English with Drama and Citizenship, within the ethos of All Different All Equal, Learn Today  Succeed Tomorrow, we can foster in our pupils a deeper understanding of human society and their place in it, giving them skills to work to change their world.  We should develop our learning culture through strengthening communication skills and developing a sense of collegiality amongst our pupils. Our pupils need to become inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding, respect and confidence. They should aim to become articulate and flexible citizens if they are to compete in a global economy.  They need to be critical, analytical, reflective and compassionate, and to be equipped with a sound understanding of the importance of civil liberties and responsibilities, not only at a local level, but also on a global level.

 An enhanced focus on the Humanities subjects will assist our pupils to achieve these goals.  An emphasis on Humanities is however not limited to those subjects and should permeate through the whole curriculum. 
Main focus
  1. Literacy across the curriculum.
  2. Raising achievement.
  3. Cross curricular links to raise achievement across the school
  4. Developing national and international links

English Developing Excellence

Year 10 Public speaking competition - 20 students participated in the school project and the winning group will represent us in the Tower Hamlets competition in the spring term.

Literacy - partnership with schools in New York( TSIA)

Head of English Claire Trevaskus and Sophie Dalling are currently involved in literacy - partnership with schools in New York( TSIA).

The aim is to improve literacy writing skills through oracy. Also aimed at sharing best practice between English teachers and senior leaders. This has lead to whole school developments alongside SEAL and PHSE. It has also developed links between 2 schools in London, Elliott School in Putney and Bow.

ESW project led by Sophie Dalling. This group has had one meeting and will be having an evaluation meeting next term. SDA has worked with a small group of underachieving boys who were identified by MLT and English teachers as being weak at writing. This has proved successful. SDA will be reporting back to MLT to continue to raise the awareness of the underachievement of this group of pupils.

Literacy support in Technology: SDA has started work with the Technology department to support the HOF and 2ic ensure Literacy developments in SOL.

School News Report- this will now become a SOL in Yr7 next year, this is to encourage all Yr7 to develop written and oracy skills for a particular purpose. This is aimed to begin to develop skills for Functional Skills.
World Book day- in order to celebrate World Book day, for the 2nd time George Green's staff were encouraged to dress up, whilst the pupils participated in a quiz. This year, this was shared with our link schools in NY.

Citizenship Developing Excellence
Developing Active Citizenship and Community involvement: All Year 7 involved interviewing the community and deciding on what to change: Kelson beach won.(Working with Graham and Esther and eco schools)
All of Year 10 took part in Campaigning on PSHE Day: Reducing energy use; fair trade; No place for hate; Against Gov cuts for Community projects; sweat shops; anti knife crime; city safe.......

Developing Global Awareness

  • Developed links with IRAQ and ZAMBIA (hosted visits from both places)
  • Year 8 CIT lessons researching the LINK SCHOOL countries
  • Developed a BOX project linked with IRAQ
  • Linked the BOX project with Britishness X Curr project (Half of Year 9 developing their thinking on this)
  • One world Club established
  • Development of Oracy: Run a debating group throughout the year
  • MUN for all Year 7s (Integrated)
  • Year 8: All involved in Mock trial (Cit)
  • Year 8/9 team entered magistrates competition
  • Year 12 MUN competition
  • Year 12 running debating group for Year 7s and 8s
  • Year 12 Oxford schools debating
  • Year 10 tutor period debate (AV or not A)

Impact of the specialism in rising achievement in Citizenship

  • Year 7s developing their research and campaigning skills (Cit GCSE)
  • Year 7s getting involved in Community issues (COCO: CIT GCSE)
  • Contribution to ECO schools silver award for the school
  • Community member links with George Greens
  • All Year 10s developed research and campaigning skills
  • Active practical meaningful CIT embedded throughout the CIT Controlled Assess
  • All Year 8 pupils (210) aware of the LINK countries
  • Half Year 9 aware of British issues versus Iraq and poss Zambia (Cultural awareness and identity building)
  • All Year 7s and 8s have been trained and developed debating /oracy skills
  • All Year 7s and 8s have been assessed on oracy levels
  • This now means that the whole school has been trained in Oracy/debating skills

Further Development

  • Developing sense of democracy (COCO):
  • Young Mayor elections
  • 2. Year 8s running school council election campaigns
  • 3. Whole school participation in CIT schools

Drama Developing Excellence

Enquiry Schools - Creative Partnerships project

Worked with EEA (Emergency Exit Arts) to create a Sign for Change as part of an Eco awareness project as one of 150 schools across the capital in preparation for 2012; generating awareness to improve local communities.
Friday 1st April Ritual of Beginnings http://makingsignsofchange.tumblr.com/


George Green's was awarded Silver Eco Schools

Platform 11+

  • Now one of 12 schools from countries across Europe being funded by the EU Cultural Programme for the next 2 years.
  • 7 students to spend 7 nights in the Netherlands as part of a creative exchange programme autumn 2012
  • Exchange/link with German School June 2011
  • EEA working with Y8 class 25th May and 8th June

Potential Links
25th June is Nuclear Disarmament Day and ican would like to offer free workshops to give pupils the opportunity and ability to make a change by having their voices heard

Recent and Ongoing Projects
KS3, KS4 and KS5


    • Legacy Street Project Phase 3 - Ongoing and invaluable programme that gives GG students the opportunity to work with students from other secondary schools within the borough.


    • GCSE Unit 3 preparation Taming of the Shrew performed at the Unicorn by KJa Y11s


  • Drama Dept successfully recorded their own radio play in response to 2012 theme
  • National Theatre Connections

MAT Performance Opportunity - Those Legs by Noel Clarke KS4 and 5 students took part - direct impact on GCSE and IB progress
Donmar Workshops and Performance

    • KS3 - 5 opportunities for MAT students

Half Moon

    • Careers in Theatre Phase 1 and 2 GCSE Preparation
Exchange for Change KS3 programme to give students opportunity to influence the development of a new play







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