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Principal Mr Jon Ryder
Deputy Headteachers Mr Ian Cullenbrooke
Mr Aidan McQuaid
Assistant Headteachers Ms Kate Garcia
Ms Lucy Cientanni
Ms Kate Honeysett
Ms Miriam Porter
Associate Assistant Headteacher Ms Sally Ridyard
Head of Finance & Operations Mr David Roome
 Year Leader-Year 7
Mark Davies
Year Leader-Year 8
Sha Alam
Year Leader-Year 9
Sola Awoberu
Year Leader-Year 10
Caroline Hurley
 Year Leader-Year 11
Daisy Maxwell
Year Leader-6th Form
Hilde Lewis



Jon Ryder

Attracted to a career in teaching from an early age, Jon has worked at George Green’s School since 2014, firstly as Deputy Headteacher in charge of standards, the curriculum and teaching learning, and since September 2019 as Principal. Inspired to teach at George Green’s for its unique and historical location in an interesting and stimulating community, Jon says he feels lucky to work with in a role that allows him to impact the academic outcomes of students and it is a privilege to help students shape their future.

For Jon, his favourite aspect of the job is supporting young people to become change-makers. Through a brilliant education, Jon believes that George Green’s School is teaching the scientists, the engineers, the journalists and the lawyers who will make the world a better place.

Praising the dedication of staff to make all lessons enjoyable and stimulating, he notes that his greatest joy is knowing students leave George Green’s having made exceptional progress. He puts this down to the high levels of support students receive throughout their time at George Green’s, as well all the extra-curricular opportunities they are exposed to. He is particularly proud of the hard working and dedicated staff team at George Green’s, who always go the extra mile for their students. 


“My vision for the future of George Green’s School is to continue on our upward trajectory of success and growing from strength to strength; I am very ambitious for our students and would like more of them to progress to our sixth form to continue their journey. I also look forward to our provision being recognised as Outstanding by Ofsted”.

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Aidan McQuaid

With a passion for sports and a history of representing his county across numerous sports, Aidan decided at an early age that a career passing on knowledge and sharing his passion of something he loved would be a perfect match.

Discussing the positive relationships between staff and students, he notes that students recognise the amount of hard work and dedication the staff body put in to ensure their success, and he praises them for constantly thinking of ways to improve and develop their provision.

The students are our greatest asset. I love working with young people and seeing them grow, develop and thrive and it is even better contributing to this. I enjoy working with staff and students to improve the teaching and learning experience for all and look forward to the onward journey as we strive to be outstanding in all areas”.

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Assistant Headteachers


Lucy Cientanni

One of our longest-serving teachers, Lucy has worked at George Green’s School for 24 years, and works alongside leadership as an Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form. Attracted to a career in teaching with the aim of helping make a difference to students’ lives, she wanted to work in multi-cultural environment in East London – and never left after arriving as a newly qualified teacher!

Lucy values the schools continuous strive for improving the outcomes for students, and how the leadership team look at ways to further develop their expertise in teaching strategies, improving teaching and learning standards and expectations simultaneously.

“Working with students in the last few years of their formal school career is a privilege; I support them in setting them on their way into the world and ensuring they leave our school having achieved all that they want to. I know that students feel valued and appreciated here, surrounded by people who care about them, their education and their personal development. That is what makes George Green’s School unique”.

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Ian Cullenbrooke

Motivated by his own inspiring teachers and a desire to share his love for learning, Ian chose to teach to pass on his enthusiasm to the next generation of students. He was attracted to George Green’s School as a result of their clear vision of continual improvement – he could see this school was an exciting project and wanted to be a part of it.

His vision for George Green’s is to help students achieve their potential, and to enjoy an outstanding experience of teaching and learning. In addition, Ian wants his colleagues to feel confident and ambitious in their pedagogy and collectively become the school of choice in the area.

"I joined the school in September 2017 and have really enjoyed my time at the school so far. It is clear to see that I have joined a team of dedicated, committed professionals who want their students to succeed. There is a strong emphasis on developing pedagogy and continued professional learning amongst the staff, which translates to a culture of success, positivity and reward for our students; there is a palpable excitement about what the future holds. The school, staff and students have been so friendly and welcoming; it is a very supportive environment."

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Kate Garcia

I feel very lucky to have worked at George Green's School since 2007. I really enjoy working with our diverse, motivated and ambitious student body and feel that I learn from them everyday.

I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at school and am committed to ensuring that our children feel both safe and happy within our school community. I am also the transition lead and work hard to ensure that the journey from primary school to secondary is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Parental/Carer Engagement is also a very important area within my role. I am absolutely committed to ensuring that home/school relationships are positive; we must all work together to ensure the very best academic outcomes for our children.   

“Students love coming to our school as it is calm, inclusive, welcoming and they feel genuinely cared for. Students have an overwhelming sense that we expect them to achieve their absolute best in order for them to have a future built on choice. Our students and staff make us a school like no other”.

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Kate Honeysett 

Over the 12 years Kate has worked at George Green’s School, she has witnessed students talents nurtured, their potential realised, their needs supported and their best possible outcomes achieved. She believes that the sense of community across the Isle of Dogs is replicated in the school, and throughout the school every students’ differences and cultures are celebrated, with the opportunity to learn from each other encouraged.

Kate was attracted to a career in teaching after completing a work experience placement in Sixth Form, enjoying working in a positive, energetic and inspiring working environment with a direct impact on those around them. Wanting the opportunity to inspire others through education, she takes pride in the school and the work between staff and students to improve; and praises students for understanding the importance of, and placing value in their education.

“My role is unique in the sense that every day I have the opportunity to impact both academically and pastorally.  The Year Leader role is one of the most important in school; it allows me to interact with a whole year group in every aspect of their education. My vision for the future of George Green’s school is to provide a frame work for all students to achieve during their time with us, to become well-rounded individuals, with a thirst for learning and successful in their chosen pathway”.

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Miriam PorterMs Porter

Passionate about both her subject and education itself, Miriam was attracted to a career in teaching as she thought it offered the opportunity to change the lives of young people and truly make a difference. Having worked at the school since 2011, Miriam feels privileged to work alongside such exceptional colleagues and students every day. For Miriam, George Green’s School is a place that is ambitious for its students and where the staff will do everything they can in order to support their students to become successful adults.

I love working with the students at George Green’s. The school nurtures them and they know that we will help them to achieve both personally and academically. They are encouraged by the high expectations that we have of everyone, but also know that we will support them to achieve their goals. At George Green’s, students feel valued and have staff who believe in them.”

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Sally RidyardMs Ridyard

After 18 joyous years as a History teacher and Head of History at George Green's School and 12 years as the Head of Humanities, I have taken on the the temporary role of Associate Assistant Headteacher. I am thrilled to continue to work with such talented teachers and support staff.  This is a great opportunity and I relish the chance to help drive George Green's to its next stage in providing an excellent all round educational experience for all its young people.

The commitment and enthusiasm of the staff and students in making George Green's such a hub of excitement is unique.

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David Roome - Head of Finance & Operations

After a long career in hospitality, David trained to become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant back in 2011. A successful stint in the automotive industry followed that before he entered the education sector as a finance business partner for a multi academy trust. David came to George Green’s in May 2019 excited about the potential to develop and drive forward the finance and operations departments, and to oversee several major projects to enhance the School’s overall support function.

David’s teams play a pivotal role providing infrastructure, support, and a high quality service to enable Teaching and Learning colleagues to deliver the best possible outcomes for our young people.

“Budgets are hard and money is tight, but this school is blessed with a great team of people. Every day is an adventure and I thrive on problem solving and providing the best quality support to the leaders and teaching staff. There is a great buzz around the school and seeing students develop and fulfil their potential is extremely rewarding. I love every minute of working here!”.

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Mark Davies – Y7

As Head of Year 7, Mark’s attraction to teaching came from his passion for working with young people and his desire to apply his trade and share subject knowledge to improve the life chances of young learners. For him, the best aspect of his role is the opportunity to oversee a whole year group, supporting their transition from primary to secondary and their development, both academically and pastorally.

When asked why students love coming to school, Mark noted that it is widely recognised that students are at the heart of everything staff do. Students feel proud to be a member of the George Green’s community and benefit greatly from the student experience on offer, from an enriching programme of activities to extensive pastoral care to support them at every stage of the education.

“I look forward to seeing my year group graduate from George Green’s School in 2022; all having made huge progress and watching them reach milestones in their school career. The students at George Green’s School show a real desire and hunger to learn and achieve, which is inspiring to witness and makes my job very rewarding”. 

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Caroline Hurley- Y10Ms Hurley

Having spent 10 years working at George Green’s School before taking a short break to explore other roles in education, Caroline was delighted to return in September 2019 in the role of Year Leader. As someone who loves learning, Caroline has always wanted to be an educator and foster a love of learning in others. She was initially attracted to George Green’s School because of its community values and inclusive ethos. Both of these were important in her experience of growing up and going to school in Tower Hamlets and are at the heart of what she believes an educational institution should encompass. She believes that George Green’s School has continued to improve year on year because staff here always strive to provide the best educational experience for all students, they genuinely care for pupil well-being and they unconditionally support each other.

“Of the different roles I have held, being a Year Leader is the one that I am the most proud of. It is a real privilege to be part of a student’s academic and personal development, to support them through challenges and share in celebrating their successes. One of the highlights of the role for me is the lasting and collaborative relationship you build with the students and their families. It is these relationships that help you to know that pupils are gaining the skills, experiences, morals, principles, habits and characteristics to be successful in their studies and beyond.”

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Daisy Maxwell – Y10

With a desire to have a positive impact on students and their outcomes in an inner city school, Daisy has worked at George Green’s for eight years, joining us as an NQT. When discussing her motivations for joining the school, she simply said that the unique nature of the school as a fundamental part of its local community and the links with businesses that offer opportunities for students were motivating factors alone.

For Daisy, the highlight of working in George Green’s is the daily interaction with students. Their individual characters, inquisitive nature and insightful outlooks makes every day different, and she looks forward to supporting her students into their GCSE year.

 “Looking after a year group is about more than ensuring academic progress, it is about supporting their well-being and making sure everything they need is in place to help them achieve and be happy and safe. The pastoral and nurturing aspect of the role is, for me, one of utmost importance. We have a duty of care to ensure that we provide for the whole child and I make sure that this is in the forefront of my mind”.

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Hilde Lewis - 6th Form

Hilde was initially attracted to George Green’s school as it was one of the pioneering state schools that introduced the International Baccalaureate almost twelve years ago. She believes that George Green’s school continues to provide the best provision for students to succeed in a competitive environment and reach their potential both academically and as well-rounded individuals.

Before training to be a teacher, Hilde worked as a tax consultant for Ernst & Young and realised that what she enjoyed most in her various roles was developing and mentoring people. She decided to change careers in order to help young people achieve their aspirations and to bring her real life experience into the classroom. It is important to her that students are given an insight into the working world by meeting with a wide range of professionals as well as being able to apply for meaningful work experience and utilising our network within the local community.  


“It is an honour being part of our students’ journey while they discover which pathway they want to follow after leaving their secondary education. Working with local businesses and universities, we are able to provide our students with a wealth of opportunities and experiences. My greatest satisfaction is when our alumni return and inspire our current students to strive for the best.”​

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