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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to George Green’s School.

At George Green’s School, we are deeply committed to being an exceptional school. Our vison and values are deep-rooted and live at the heart of everything we do. We believe that great schools like ours are engines of social change, teaching powerful knowledge to young people so that they can go on to become change-makers and develop into the best possible people they can be. Our vision goes beyond simple success in exams: we will teach our students the cultural, scientific and social knowledge they need to go on to become happy adults, fully engaged in the cultural, economic and democratic life of the society in which they live.

George Green’s School has a long and rich history. Founded in 1828, it has for nearly 200 years played a pivotal role in the education of the children of the Isle of Dogs. This long history has helped shape our approach to what our students study: we believe in a traditional curriculum, with an emphasis on academic learning. Our curriculum is broad, with students studying a wide range of subjects, including the expressive arts, food and cookery, computing, technology and business, but with the traditional disciplines of English, maths, science, the humanities and languages at the core.

We also pride ourselves in offering an excellent enrichment curriculum. Students have the opportunity to go on a wide range of trip and visits, including trips abroad. We have a comprehensive and wide-ranging clubs programme to help support the development our students’ interests and aptitudes outside of the classroom. We also have some excellent and long-standing connections to businesses, including several in the financial services sector, offering mentoring, work experience and tutoring.

Our traditional ethos encompasses our approach to behaviour. We believe in hard work and good discipline. Students are expected to attend well, be on time and to do their best. We expect them to be courteous, respectful and polite. We have one very simple rule at George Green’s – right time, right place, right thing. No Excuses.

Our traditional values are best encompassed in our George Green’s Learner Profile, as set of qualities that we expect all our students to strive to be at all times:







We are deeply committed to supporting all our students. We have a well-resourced Learning Support department, which serves students with special educational needs and disabilities. We have fulltime counselling on site, so that any student needing mental health support can receive it in a timely manner. We also have a team of 5 fulltime non-teaching staff who support the attendance, wellbeing and behaviour of our students. Whatever the needs of our students, they get the help they need to succeed. No stone is ever left unturned in ensuring that all our students achieve our vision for them.

George Green’s School is an inclusive and anti-racist organisation. We believe that every young person in our school community should be able to achieve our vision for them regardless of their background. We teach our children to see diversity as a strength and that the differences between people are enriching. We are also committed to challenging racism in all its forms, be it overt and explicit racism or covert and structural racism. It is our mission that every child that leaves us to enter adulthood leaves seeing themselves as powerful and capable of bringing about change.

I feel very proud of this school and it is my honour and privilege to be the torch bearer of its vision, its values and its traditions.

Jon Ryder



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