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Aspiration, Equality,

Values & Ethos

At George Green’s School, we truly believe in our values of ‘Aspiration, Equality, Excellence’.

All staff are passionate about providing our students with an enriching, academically ambitious centre of excellence offering a wealth of opportunities involving creative and cultural capital that prepares young people to be talented, confident and successful global citizens of tomorrow.

We understand that by developing relationships based on trust, we can encourage each other to try new experiences, which will allow students/staff to challenge themselves and take risks that will foster personal growth, confidence and develop self-esteem, and through creating a culture that demands high expectations, we can live our core values of Adventurous, Ambitious and Excellence.

Promoting fundamental British Values at George Green’s School

‘[Pupils], who met with inspectors, spoke passionately about the school’s work to ensure that pupils show respect and tolerance towards each other, irrespective of their backgrounds. 94% of pupils who completed the survey strongly agreed or agreed that the school encourages respect and equality’

Ofsted 2017

We are incredibly proud of our inclusive culture; students come from all over the world to study with us. We aim to instil and practise the British values outlined by the Government in all students; in order for students to understand the democratic system and combatting discrimination, an acceptance and respect of different faiths and beliefs, an appreciation of the power of law and understanding of individual rights and freedom.

At George Green’s School, we actively promote a culture of mutual respect and tolerance, democracy, the rule of law, freedom and equal opportunities. These British values permeate throughout the school curriculum and all that we offer our students, ensuring they support in the development of the whole child, into a confident, independent individual that positively contributes to the wider community.



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