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Year 7 Enrichment Wednesdays 

The Enrichment Wednesday programme will start from Wednesday 22nd September 2021
This means every Wednesday afternoon all Year 7 students will take part in a club, each student will sign up for three different clubs over the academic year, meaning each term they will take part in a new club. This is a great way to try new activities and develop new and exciting social groups. 

This programme is not optional, it is part of their George Green’s journey. 

We have created a booklet which tells you about the different and exciting offer available. Please can you and your child read over the booklet before completing the Enrichment Wednesday Options Form. Click the square in the bottom right of the box below to view full screen.

Students who have not chosen their options by Friday 10th September will be assigned clubs for the academic year.

We will display the club registers (in school) from Monday 20th September, and share them via form tutors. The information will be recorded in their planners for you to check.

The Enrichment Options Process is now closed.

If you have any questions please contact Mr Kemp at:

Remember clubs re-start Wednesday 22nd September 2021

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