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GGS Trust Fund

Structure, governance and management

George Green’s School Trust Funds is a registered charity, which was established to benefit the school, its pupils, and certain former pupils of the school. The Charity is governed by a Scheme approved by the Charity Commission on 9 September 2008. Prior to that date, the charity was governed by the previous Scheme dated 13 September 1997. Before that, the charity has roots going back to 1828 when George Green founded his school in Poplar.

The Trustees comprise four foundation governors and one cop-opted Trustee. The Trustees who served during the year and up to the date of signature of the financial statements are as follows: Mr R Kyriakides, Mr. W Everard CBE, Ms. L Williams, Mr. A W D Roberts and Mr. L Chapman.

The Charity is regulated by the Charity Commission and is charity number 312691. It publishes its accounts and financial statements on the Charity Commission’s website each year.

Objectives, activities and achievements

The object of the charity is the provision of grants, scholarships, items, services and facilities for George Green's School, which are set out in more detail below. The trustees confirm that they have referred to the guidance contained in the Charity Commission's general guidance on public benefit when reviewing the charity's aims and objectives and in planning future activities.

The charities administered in connection with the charity and under the same Scheme have the specific objects as set out below. The trustees work closely with the school to ascertain the needs of the pupils and of the school. The school has appointed a member of its staff to liaise with the trustees to explain the needs and requirements of the school. The trustees have made the process for applications by the school and pupils for assistance straightforward but secure.

The trustees are very pleased to note the progress of the school and its continued improvement year by year, which undoubtedly has been helped by the specific donations that the trustees are able to make to improve the educational facilities available to the pupils of the school.

George Green's School Foundation Trust


  • to provide grants to pupils in need of assistance to take part in school activities; to provide certain leaving exhibitions;
  • to provide for certain facilities for games, music and school educational visits;
  • to act for the Foundation in respect of its land and buildings.

During the last year, grants totalling £23,000 have been made to certain students going to university. In addition, £69,302 has been paid as grants to the school to enable the students to benefit from various projects such as Sport Heal, Think Forward, Tall Ships, the Access Project, a Dance Project, a Girls Group, Geography & Modern Languages trips to Barcelona and Paris, attendance at a GCSE English Conference, the Ocean Youth Trust and some books for the teaching of English. As a matter of policy, the Trustees seek where possible to fully fund these awards so that the students do not have to make any financial contribution. The feedback from the school and the students benefitted by these awards has been excellent.

Frances Davidson Bequest


  • to provide holidays for girls at the school who are in need of assistance or those starting their careers.


Lilian Davy Scholarship


  • to award scholarships for the benefit of pupils and former pupils of the school being female and not exceeding 25 years of age, to enable them to train in medicine, dentistry, medical services or veterinary surgery, with a preference in that order.

George Green's School Prize Fund


  • to award prizes in accordance with various existing trusts.

The KB Fund


  • to assist pupils and past pupils not exceeding 25 years of age in foreign travel to further their education.

Fund raising

The trustees do not actively fund raise. The assets of the Charity were in the main donated many years ago from historic assets, specific bequests and donations.


The trustees provide their services without payment


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