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Governing Board Membership

The governing board has appointed the following members in accordance with the governing board’s instrument of government: 

Name Role Committee Chair Re-election Date
Mr. Tim Aldrich (TA) Co-opted Governor Chair of FGB 04/02/2026
Mr. Jon Ryder (JR) Principal Ex Officio
Mr. Les Chapman (LC) Foundation Governor 24/05/2024
Mr. William Roberts (WR) Foundation Governor 09/01/2023
Mr. Ranjith Kanipayur (RKA) Co-opted Governor  06/07/2025
Mr. Hugh Fraser (HF) Co-opted Governor  Chair of Curriculum & Learning Committee 15/04/2023
Ms. Christine Kershaw (KC) Co-opted Governor 24/05/2023
vacancy Co-opted Governor
Mr. Jon Waghorne (JW) Co-opted Governor 24/02/2024
Mr. William Everard CBE (WE) Foundation Governor Chair of Business & Finance Committee 01/09/2025
Mr. Robert Kyriakides (RK) Foundation Governor 26/11/2024
Ms. Laura Bugden (LB) Foundation Governor  06/07/2025
Mr. James Kilmartin (JK) LA Governor 09/10/2023
Ms. Polly Jones (PJ) Parent Governor Chair of Inclusion Committee 02/12/2024
Mrs. Julie Lechley (JL) Parent Governor 02/12/2024
Ms. Alif Naharin (AN) Parent Governor 02/12/2024
vacancy Parent Governor
Shahina Aktar  Staff Governor 05/10/2024
Business & Finance Curriculum & Learning Inclusion
William Everard (Chair) Hugh Fraser (Chair) Polly Jones (Chair)
Jon Ryder (Principal) Jon Ryder (Principal) Jon Ryder (Principal)
Tim Aldrich  Jon Waghorne Tim Aldrich 
Christine Kershaw Polly Jones Laura Bugden
Les Chapman Julie Lechley Julie Lechley
Ranjith Kanipayur Alif Naharin Alif Naharin
Polly Jones Shahina Aktar
Tim Aldrich 








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