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Pupil Premium

Schools receive additional funding from the government to support students who come under categories, which are statistically, less likely to be successful at school (free school meals, in care or carers).

At George Green’s School, believe that it is vital that we monitor the progress of these students and intervene if they fall behind.

Currently, 76% of students at George Green’s receive PPG; compared to 28.7%nationally. Additionally, from school data, we can deduce that factors such as SEN, gender and ethnicity have just as great an impact on students’ attainment, as their PPG status. As such, we vow to use PPG to fund and initiatives that include all of ours students.

This will include:

Supporting students from groups which have historically made less progress than others, including those with SEN, white British, boys and the more able and talented (MAT)

Addressing issues around student well-being, including attendance, mental health and behaviour and safety

Addressing the underachievement of specific groups, particularly white British students and boys

Focusing on the key skills of literacy and numeracy

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