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A level results

August 17th 2020

Dear parents, carers and students,

This is our first year of A level results, having transitioned from the International Baccalaureate in 2018. Despite some significant worries about the system for calculating students’ grades, we are delighted with our outcomes, not least because none of our results were adjusted. This means that all our students received the grades set for them by their teachers, following on from a robust and fair process.

Some key headlines:

• 100% of students achieved an A*-E

• 38% of students achieved one or more A/A*

• 2 students achieved 4A*s

• 11% of students achieved 3 A*

• 22% of students achieved 3 A/A*

• 44% of students achieved 3 A*-B

• 76% of students achieved 3 A*-C

• Over 80% of students have been offered a place at their first or second choice university; 44% have been offered places at Russell Group universities.

• We have enjoyed some extraordinary success at A/A* in a number of subjects:

• Economics 47% A/A*

• Spanish 100% A/A*

• French 50% A/A*

• Further maths 100% A/A*

• Maths 42% A/A*

• Computer science 56% A/A*

• History 56% A/A%

I have shared the following quote with the press:

“I am very proud of the achievements of our students. They all worked very hard to achieve the grades they have been awarded. Even though they were not able to sit exams because of the global pandemic, this should not detract in any way from the sense of achievement they all have today.

I am also incredibly proud of my colleagues who worked so diligently with these students over the course of their studies. We have an absolutely brilliant team of teachers here at George Green’s and these results are testament to their skill, hard work and commitment.

It is also a moment to celebrate the parents of our students. Their support for their children, as well as the school, is a critical part in the success of these young people.

We are delighted that so many of our young people will now be able to move on into the university places of their choosing.”

The vast majority of our students are delighted with their grades. However, a small number may wish to consider an appeal. The main grounds for an appeal is if there has been an administrative error in the setting of grades, either by the school or the exam board. We have triple checked the grades we set for students and have cross-checked with the final grades set by the exam boards. There were no errors and so this appeal route is not open to students. The other method may be to use mock exam grades if they are higher than final grades. However, given that teachers used mock exams to set the grades that were sent to exam boards, it seems unlikely that this route will be open to students either.

The final route open to students is to sit exams in the autumn. We do not recommend this, particularly if the student has accepted a place at university. However, if this is something a student is interested in pursuing, they should contact Ms Cientanni (Head of Sixth Form).

If students or parents want to talk to us about concerns with grades or would like support with next steps into university, further education or employment, they should contact Ms Cientanni by email (

Further information about the setting of grades appeals can be found here:

We wish all our sixth form leavers the best of luck for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Jon Ryder


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