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GCSE results 2020

Press Release

School: George Green’s School

Principal: Jon Ryder

Contact phone number: 020 7987 6032/07966 926 421

Address: 100 Manchester Road, London, E14 3DW


Despite the turbulence of the last few weeks, we are very pleased that our students will receive the grades set for them by their teachers. We went through a very fair and rigorous process to give our students the most appropriate grade that reflects their hard work over 2 years. We are pleased that the exams boards have recognised the rigour with which we approached the setting of grades by increasing 32 of the grades students were given. We are delighted that so many of our students have been successful and are able to move on into further education, training and apprenticeships.

Some key headlines:

· 26 grades increased by 1 grade by exam boards

· 6 grades increased by 2 grades by exam boards

· 100 grade 9s in total

· 234 grade 8 and 9s in total

· 18.5% of students getting at least 1 grade 9

· 36% of students getting at least 1 grade 8 or 9

· 76% x5 grade 4+ including English & Maths

· 58% x5 grade 5+ including English & Maths

· 80% grade 4+ English & Maths threshold

· 58% grade 5+ English & Maths threshold


Quote from the Principal

“This has been an incredibly stressful period for young people who have been waiting for their exam results. This has been made considerably worse by the uncertainty around the methodology for calculating final grades. Today all our students have received the grade they deserved that was set for them by their teachers. This grade reflects their hard work and commitment to their studies and should not be diminished in any way as result of not sitting exams.

We are very proud of all our students and are delighted that so many of them have decided to join us in the George Green’s Sixth Form.

I am incredibly grateful to all my colleagues for the work they have put in to getting students to this point. George Green’s staff are incredibly special group of people.

The absolutely wonderful outcomes we have received this year reflect the success the school has enjoyed over the past few years.

My congratulations also to all the parents who did such a wonderful job bringing up this incredible group of young people.”

Success stories

Najibah Miah – x9 grade 9s

Riya Pandit Debnath – x8 grade 9s and x1 grade 8

Rawahah Farazi - x8 grade 9s and x1 grade 8

Torr McGrath – x8 grade 9s and x1 grade 8



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