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At George Green’s School, we value all employees and regard professional development as an entitlement for all, therefore all staff are included in our training plan.

Meetings centre around improving standards of learning and teaching, assessment and moderation and raising standards and meeting students’ needs. At George Green’s, we fundamentally believe the key to success of training opportunities is the measurable impact they have on students’ learning and sharing good practise within teams is one of the best forms of training and development. In addition to this, all teachers coach and support each other; with the aim of improving the learning experience and outcomes for students.Training takes place fortnightly: the students leave at 2pm every  Wednesday to enable our staff to focus productively on their training and development.

ECTs begin working with us in (and are paid from) July and benefit from a full training programme, providing them with an insight into the school prior to teaching commencing and ensuring they receive a rigorous induction into George Green’s School.

ECTs will also follow a programme of induction sessions throughout the year, delivered and led by experienced, expert practitioners, and paired with a professional and subject mentor, with whom they will have regular meetings and support through the induction year.


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