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The Isle of Dogs Sea Cadets




  If you love getting out on the water join the Isle of Dogs Sea Cadets for the time of your life!

Race sailing dinghies on UK lakes, powerboat down rivers, go offshore, – whatever you choose, there is a world of exciting challenges at the Sea Cadets.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know other young people in the area and you will make some great friends, learn new skills that will give you a great head start in life and will really boost your confidence.”

The Isle of Dogs Sea Cadet Unit is part of national charity Sea Cadets, giving young people a new perspective. We broaden horizons and create possibilities. Working across the UK with 14,000 young people between 10 and 18, we help them see the world with confidence, gained through the challenge of nautical adventure.

The unit is open after school on Thursdays until 1900 in the summer and 18.30 in the winter.

 Join the Sea Cadets Unit for adventure, trips away and learn something new in a fun environment.
Are you interested? Speak with Ms Ahmed in the Enrichment and Careers office on level 5 for more details. 

Sea Cadets in action

 Our Sea Cadets through the years

To Parent /Carers : Wish to become a volunteer?


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