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Aspiration, Equality,



Current Opportunities

Working at George Green’s School offers an opportunity to make a difference; to work among like-minded, talented ambitious staff who are dedicated to helping raise achievement for students and enhancing their school experience. As such, applicants must possess a range of qualities including positivity, resilience, enthusiasm and a commitment to delivering an outstanding education.

We are currently recruiting for:


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“Teachers are given training that improves their skills in the classroom. As a result, teaching is good and staff morale is high”.


GDPR Information

Application forms of successful candidates will be kept for the duration of employment.  In the case of resignation/retirement application forms and supporting documents will be kept for seven years from the date of termination and then securely destroyed.  The supporting and supplementary forms (e.g. bank details, starter form, pensions details) will be sent to London Borough of Tower Hamlets Payroll for processing.  Pre-employment health check information will be shared with the Local Authority's occupational health service.

Unsuccessful application forms will be kept for a period of six months and then securely destroyed.


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